Hey there my friend!

My name is Rodrigo Graça,

I'm a Portuguese Full Stack Web Developer with a huge passion for the Web, a regular open-source contributor to a variety of projects/tools, and sometimes obsess over optimization...

In this blog I will talk about 3 main topics:

  • P2P investments: I will be sharing my P2P portfolio details like which platforms I invest in, my current settings, size of the portfolio (≃24K€) as well as diversification settings and other things.
  • Code: I will share all things coding like tips, shortcuts, plugins, extensions, programs, and more tips!
  • Health: I will share the supplements I take and why I take them as well as new findings I make over time and new supplements I experiment with.

I hope you like it!
Don't forget to have a great day! ❤️🤗

Reach out to me on your favorite social :)