How to deploy an Ionic 5 app on Netlify?

If you used Netlify before this should be very easy and straightforward.

Host it on Git(Hub?)

Because Netlify asks you for a Git repository.

Choose your repo

Go to this Netlify page and choose your repo and branch.

Basic build settings

Build command: ionic build --prod

Publish directory: www



If your build fails with the following error:

1:25:45 PM: $ ionic build --prod
1:25:45 PM: bash: ionic: command not found
1:25:45 PM: ​
1:25:45 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
1:25:45 PM:   "build.command" failed
1:25:45 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
1:25:45 PM: ​
1:25:45 PM:   Error message
1:25:45 PM:   Command failed with exit code 127: ionic build --prod
1:25:45 PM: ​
1:25:45 PM:   Error location
1:25:45 PM:   In Build command from Netlify app:
1:25:45 PM:   ionic build --prod
1:25:45 PM: ​
1:25:45 PM:   Resolved config
1:25:45 PM:   build:
1:25:45 PM:     command: ionic build --prod
1:25:45 PM:     commandOrigin: ui
1:25:45 PM:     publish: /opt/build/repo/www

it means you have to install the Ionic CLI as a dependency because you probably have it installed globally in your machine but Netlify doesn’t right!?

To fix it run: npm i -D @ionic/cli then commit, push and Netlify will re-build and deploy automatically.

Extra 2:

Your routes are probably not going to work if you access them directly.

To fix that use this build command instead: ionic build --prod && echo '/* /index.html 200' > www/_redirects

Or create a file called _redirects inside your src directory and add the following to your angular.json file:

  "glob": "_redirects",
  "input": "src/",
  "output": "./"

In projects 👉🏻 app 👉🏻 architect 👉🏻 build 👉🏻 options 👉🏻 assets

Extra 3:

If you previously deployed a ReactJS app you will notice that the Ionic/Angular one takes a bit longer. Don’t worry. It’s normal. That’s because it has to install Ionic and Cordova plugins before it can actually build your code.

That’s it. Let me know on Twitter if you have any questions/comments.

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