Welcome to my blog! 🤗

Hello world, this is my first blog post.

I’d like to address the topics I will be writing about:

  1. P2P investments
  2. Code
  3. Health

P2P investments

I will be sharing my P2P portfolio details like which platforms I invest in, my current settings, the size of the portfolio (≃24K€) as well as diversification settings and other things.


I will share all things coding like tips, shortcuts, plugins, extensions, programs, tips, and much more!

I will also share some special scripts I have to help me manage my P2P investments. 😉 For example, I got one to invest in a specific loan with 2 clicks on Peerberry and another script to color specific loan originators on Mintos Primary Market listing.

All these scripts will be OSS (Open Source Software) so that you guys can verify the code and use them by yourselves.


I will share the supplements I currently take and why I take them as well as new findings I make over time and new supplements I experiment with.

I hope you like it!

Don’t forget to have a great day! 🤗

A personal blog by Rodrigo Graça about coding, p2p, health, and much more (Psst... I am open to opportunities.)

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