💪🏻💊 The supplements I take, price, dosage, and why

Throughout the years I’ve experimented with many supplements here and there. This will be a list of the supplements I’m currently taking and the ones I took in the past as well as explanations of why I take them and maybe you should too.

Omega 3:

Why? 🤔 I’m a programmer, my profession is to think and solve problems all day, I need my brain as healthy as possible.

Besides I also eat plenty of fish and tuna fish. 2,47€/month is a pretty good price to keep your brain and heart functioning better, and you can get an even better price if you order a bigger bottle (500 pills) or 2 of them or both combined. It also helps with depression.

Vitamin D3

Why? 🤔 Once again I’m a programmer, I spend the entire day inside and behind glass windows (which in short doesn’t pass the UV light which we need to “produce” Vitamin D), also even though I never tested my self most people above the 35 degrees North are most likely deficient unless they work outside. (35 degrees North is virtually from the bottom of Portugal up and I’m Portuguese 😅) It also helps with depression.

Thirty-five degrees North also happens to be the latitude above which people do not receive sufficient sunlight to retain adequate vitamin D levels during winter.

More research and links here

Even more important, Vitamin D isn’t even a vitamin! It’s a steroid hormone that controls a huge portion of our bodies. From bone structure to cancer prevention!

There are also multiple studies as of now that correlate very distinctly Vitamin D with better outcomes of COVID-19 which I will be linking to in another future post.

A retrospective study found that for each standard deviation increase in serum vitamin D people were 7.94 times more likely to have a mild rather than severe COVID-19 outcome and were 19.61 times more likely to have a mild rather than critical outcome

20x more likely to “have problems”! 😱

Matcha tea

  • 1 tea cup 🍵
  • When I feel like it 😂 (should be daily 🤷🏻‍♂)
  • 22g for 20,85€
  • (20,85€ / 22) * 1 ≃ 0,95€/day
  • 0,95€/day * 30 = 28,5€/month
  • Alternatively:
  • 3,59€ for 20 “Tetley Super Tea Matcha” tea bags
  • (3,59€ / 20) * 1 ≃ 0,18€/day
  • 0,18€/day * 30 ≃ 5,4€/month

Why? Boosts brain function, faster reaction times, helps with depression, increased attention, enhanced memory, basically what coffee does for most people.

I’ve experimented with Ceremonial Grade Matcha and “normal” matcha (Tetley tea currently) and honestly, I don’t think the higher grade one is worth it, nor the added trouble with preparing/mixing it when I can just get some hot water and sink a tea bag on it and be done.

Lions Mane

  • 1,100 mg per pill
  • 2 pills twice per day (4 pills)
  • 120 pills for 19,83€
  • (19,83€ / 120) * 4 ≃ 0,66€/day
  • 0,66€/day * 30 = 19,8€/month
  • Recommended: 4 pills a day

Why? For a better functioning brain, depression, better mood and focus.

I’m currently experimenting with it. I got enough for 2 months and can’t report yet any benefits I noticed.

In the Past:


Why? To stay younger for longer. Life hasn’t been that good so far. I just want to live a few more years to hopefully still enjoy it a bit. I personally just felt a bit more energetic and wanting to exercise… But that could be caused by many other factors.

I’ve stopped because I didn’t see any direct improvements in my health. It works more as long-term prevention but as of now it’s not as cheap as other things so I stopped it.


  • 500 mg per pill
  • 1 pill per day
  • 250 pills for 11,17€
  • (11,17€ / 250) * 1 ≃ 0,05€
  • 0,05€ * 30 = 1,5€/month

This one was the first one I ever took and I can’t remember exactly why other than “for more energy”. That said if you research it is known to help with libido and fertility. But that wasn’t my reason. I swear 😂


Do I even need to say that I’m not a doctor blah blah blah? I’m just sharing what I take and the dosages. Why do I experiment and take all these? Mostly to keep a healthy brain because I need it for work. I will summarize it with a quote:

It is not my goal to live forever, nor to live much longer than the point where I stop having this much fun being alive. But it is my goal to keep having fun being alive as long as possible. So I am willing to invest some time and attention every day in ways that I believe will add many more days of fun to this precious life. — Steve Gibson

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