What I've learned so far from this pandemic:

Most people are idiots/dumb/stupid.

Now, after I’ve insulted the entire planet I should explain why.

They come in categories:

  1. The ones that simply don’t care.
  2. The ones that want to see everyone die on purpose. (ill intent)
  3. The ones that don’t know anything about science and how the virus spreads.
  4. Anti-vaxxers. All said. No need to explain that one. They are just dumb.
  5. The ones that don’t take care of their health (and now are afraid of dying but they were already at risk because of overweight, smoking, no exercise, etc)
  6. Most people don’t have savings.
  7. Many jobs can be done from home. Companies can even pay a bit less because workers don’t have to be traveling every day, that means less gas spent, less car wear and tear, etc.
  8. You can boost your immune system in many ways, exercise, eat healthily, avoid sugar, carbs, alcohol, smoke, caffeine, get sunlight (Vitamin D! It has been shown to help a lot!)
  9. Many people can’t handle working from home even if it’s better for them and the environment, they need the human connection and office chit-chat or they go insane.
  10. Most people like to say they shower every day and say they are very clean… 🤦🏻‍♂️ if they were that clean/careful we wouldn’t have such a big problem. You can notice this mostly if you look at where people touch… How many of them/you use your hand to open a public bathroom door!? How many touch random things that others just touched and then adjust your mask?
  11. Many now are tired of quarantine and just want normal life back and don’t or cannot afford to care anymore and start slacking when it comes to prevention. Most thought this would be a one-time thing, just quarantine for a bit and in 2 weeks the problem will be solved. But many of those also didn’t take it seriously at first and still visited relatives, etc, and got infected.
  12. Many don’t know how to wear a mask 😷:

    • Cover everything.
    • Make it tight.
    • Don’t pull it down to talk! Ever!
    • Don’t keep adjusting.
    • Don’t handle things you will give your clients right after adjusting your mask.
  13. Tech can help us a lot: communicating, doing work, automating work, etc.
  14. Cities are the worst place in terms of diseases and survivability. (Have to import all food from land outside.)
  15. Many don’t know how a quarantine should be done. You cannot see another human. If someone is with you they also cannot see other humans. No shopping, no visiting friends, no errands, nothing!
  16. Many people are now scared to be with others or be in public. This will keep the number of people spending money on restaurants, etc lower than usual. Applies mostly to older people. They won’t take a chance and go out.
  17. Many older people are dying which means many assets/properties will change hands.
  18. Many are losing their jobs due to fewer people out because of Covid (either because they don’t have money or because they don’t want to get infected)


It’s very easy for me to point what’s wrong with others, but I still think people need way more education. People should watch more Science and Education YouTube channels, instead of dumb reality shows that are not real… The problem with that is the spread of fake information/science… Currently, most can’t discern what’s real or not, probably because a lack of education like I just said.

P.S. Opinions expressed here are solely my own… etc etc 😂

Do you agree with anything I said? Do you disagree? 🤔

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